A night on the USS Constellation

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Back in 1998 at Netscape’s height we worked closely with US DoD execs. During one of the meetings we were invited to see our military at work. The offer was for us to spend the night on an aircraft carrier and see how it operates close up.

USS Constellation

After some scheduling and agreement on logistics, we settled on Sept 12th as the date for our visit to the USS Constellation while it was off the California coast. Jim Barksdale, Peter Currie and I embarked from San Diego for our visit. The web page I developed back then tells the story.


Pig Roast 2004

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A the risk of sounding old, I will tell you that Miller’s Annual Pig Roast in late summer is well into it’s second decade and I can recall the start of the tradition.

This party has been a hallmark event every year due to it’s uncanny power to drag ‘fossils’ right out of their comfy homes and assemble them for hours in a hedonistic ritual of consumption of Food and Drink. This years event was no slouch in the ‘fossil’ department. Steven J Tambini ‘Beaner’, Chris Andreasen ‘dreasen-noid’, Tim Ursprung ‘T.U.’, Dave ‘oopy’ Evans, George Poole ‘cess’ and many other notables all accounted for in the pictures of the event.

George & Marina Poole Pictures (posted 12/16)

Once again a successful party hosted with style and hundreds of pounds of food. Special thanks to the pig!

Fossils at the PigRoast


Unreal Reality Television

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So I watch a few ‘reality television’ shows. Have you noticed that some of these are lame as can be?

Here are some of my picks and pans


Trading Spouses This show is on the discovery channel and is actually quite amusing. Two part segment deals with families where one spouse or the other is traded to another family. It seems that the producers intentionally try to pick family types and backgrounds where the interaction causes fur to fly. There is also an interesting twist that the families find out at the end about some cash they expect as a result of doing the show.

Ideally you should watch this with your spouse. I assure you that once you examine the possible alternatives you will find yourselves more committed to remain in love.

The Benefactor - This show features Mark Cuban (a bubble based Billionaire) starting with 18 contestents who all desire to win $1M from Mark. The contestants must satisfy mark who puts them through tests. Similar to the apprentice but more interesting and sans the Trump puffery.

Fear Factor No description necessary. This is only worth watching when there is nothing else on. However, I don’t find it compelling enough to Tivo. But for lack of something else who doesn’t enjoy watching nice looking couples feeding each other ‘blendered cockroaches’!

Joe Schmo In this show the concept is that they stage a fake reality show which is totally over the top. There are actually only two people unaware that the whole thing is a charade. Everyone is an actor or actress. Very interesting to watch.


The Player This show is totally awful. The concept is that a bunch of single dudes who view themselves as ‘players’ all try to impress this supposed model. The guys are total morons. The ‘model’ (Dawn) is just full of herself and manages to look down on her girlfriends while acting the spoiled ‘queen bee’. I think that women should watch this show at least once to realize that in fact “Men can be a shallow as you thought.” and “Your friends can be as catty as you suspected.”

The SimpleLife, The Anna Nicole Show, The Newlyweds . . : Any shows where celebrities are followed by cameras and are shown in their totally unreal lives. These people are all flakes and unlike seeing real persons reacting to real (or semi-real) situations you get to watch stuff like Paris Hilton act shocked that someone actually raises pigs and cows!.


The lost weekend

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Well it’s another Sunday evening and here I am pondering how the weekend can fly by so quickly.

It often seems like I leave the office on Friday and after running a few errands and cooking at least 10 meals (per child per day) I find myself exhausted on Sunday evening after getting the children to bed wondering how I came to be here?

Now don’t get me wrong weekends are always fun. Being around three children all weekend you are bound to end up laughing at the stuff they say and at the constant desire they have to consume ice cream in place of appropriate food for every meal.

Today was the yearly neighborhood picnic in our development and true to form the kids had no desire to eat anything but cookies, cotton candy, popcorn and cupcakes. Well it’s only once a year but frankly it amazes me that they can eat all that crap and still not be ill after spending most of the remainder of their time in a moonbounce!



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So this weekend Pam and I went up to Newport, RI to celebrate a birthday with one of Pam’s good friends Jennifer Berman. This was good time to go to Newport the weather was fine and we got to stay at another friend’s home (or should I say Mansion) the place is amazing with over 22,000 sq ft and 11 bedrooms!

Beaconrock Mansion

We enjoyed having a kid-free weekend thanks to Pam’s brother John who was kind enough to watch the children for the weekend. Jennifer’s party itself was held at Beaconrock Mansion and was ‘Black Tie’ and had all the trappings of a ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous’ type event. You can review the pictures here.

Pam & John at Jennifer's Party

We returned home on Sunday evening so we could avoid the inevitable travel headaches associated with the Labor Day Holiday



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Ok so here I am with a fresh blog and a total lack of stuff I want to say. I cannot however stand the blank look of the Home Blog page so write I must. :-)

Now I should be watching the Republican Nation Convention but after the last two nights I need a break. Frankly I do not actually qualify as an undecided voter so nothing lost here.

As Winston Churchill once said, “If you aren’t a liberal when you are young, you have no heart. If you aren’t a conservative when you are old, you have have no brains.” (Feeling old yet?)

I really must confess that if Kerry’s “Kennedy-like liberal positions” weren’t enough to turn me off his selection of John ‘Medical Malpractice suit’ Edwards would seal the deal for a vote against that ticket. I’m not sure how many folks here in Maryland realize that there is only ONE insurance carrier willing to insure Doctors practicing in this state but needless to say the situation is much more grim than most folks would believe.

Well if you feel in the least compelled to vote Democratic this year just take a listen to Zell Miller’s speech to the RNC yesterday evening and take a moment to reflect on the fact he is a lifelong Democrat and still is pushing for George W’s re-election!

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