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So this weekend Pam and I went up to Newport, RI to celebrate a birthday with one of Pam’s good friends Jennifer Berman. This was good time to go to Newport the weather was fine and we got to stay at another friend’s home (or should I say Mansion) the place is amazing with over 22,000 sq ft and 11 bedrooms!

Beaconrock Mansion

We enjoyed having a kid-free weekend thanks to Pam’s brother John who was kind enough to watch the children for the weekend. Jennifer’s party itself was held at Beaconrock Mansion and was ‘Black Tie’ and had all the trappings of a ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous’ type event. You can review the pictures here.

Pam & John at Jennifer's Party

We returned home on Sunday evening so we could avoid the inevitable travel headaches associated with the Labor Day Holiday

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