The lost weekend

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Well it’s another Sunday evening and here I am pondering how the weekend can fly by so quickly.

It often seems like I leave the office on Friday and after running a few errands and cooking at least 10 meals (per child per day) I find myself exhausted on Sunday evening after getting the children to bed wondering how I came to be here?

Now don’t get me wrong weekends are always fun. Being around three children all weekend you are bound to end up laughing at the stuff they say and at the constant desire they have to consume ice cream in place of appropriate food for every meal.

Today was the yearly neighborhood picnic in our development and true to form the kids had no desire to eat anything but cookies, cotton candy, popcorn and cupcakes. Well it’s only once a year but frankly it amazes me that they can eat all that crap and still not be ill after spending most of the remainder of their time in a moonbounce!

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