Pig Roast 2004

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A the risk of sounding old, I will tell you that Miller’s Annual Pig Roast in late summer is well into it’s second decade and I can recall the start of the tradition.

This party has been a hallmark event every year due to it’s uncanny power to drag ‘fossils’ right out of their comfy homes and assemble them for hours in a hedonistic ritual of consumption of Food and Drink. This years event was no slouch in the ‘fossil’ department. Steven J Tambini ‘Beaner’, Chris Andreasen ‘dreasen-noid’, Tim Ursprung ‘T.U.’, Dave ‘oopy’ Evans, George Poole ‘cess’ and many other notables all accounted for in the pictures of the event.

George & Marina Poole Pictures (posted 12/16)

Once again a successful party hosted with style and hundreds of pounds of food. Special thanks to the pig!

Fossils at the PigRoast

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