Election overdose!

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So I am starting to get truly annoyed with the media. They spend about two years running up to the Presidential election obsessed with how the Democrats and Republicans stack up and how the election will come out. (We suffered this crap daily for all of 2003 and 2004.)

Now it seems like every other story I hear on the radio and TV is about how the Dems will need to restructure and remessage to change the public perception of them in preparation for the 2008 cycle.

This is insane! The election is done and we shouldn’t have to relive it with the damn ‘talking heads’ spouting huge amounts of conjecture and supposition until it’s time for the next one!

BTW: In my opinion a big factor in the Dems loss was the fact that the public knows they are searching for a message that connects with people. Who is going to trust what someone says they represent if they constantly tweak the message based on what the particular audience they are speaking to wants to hear?

Perhaps they should look inside to see what they actually can stand behind and take a damn position already!

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