Abandon Windoze for Christmas

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With Christmas coming up, I know a large number of you are considering getting new computers for your home. I would like to suggest you abandon the security nightmare and total hack that is Microsoft Windows and acquire a Mac.

I am happy to offer my knowledge and assistance in helping interested individuals configure the ideal Mac systems for your specific use.

G5 iMac

At the high end no home is complete without the cutting edge beauty of an iMac G5. The wireless keyboard and mouse combined with the 20” flatpanel display (and ‘where’s the computer’ look) declares your tech saavy to create envy among all your friends and neighbors. To really observe this awesome system check out the Quicktime VR.


For those of you on a tighter budget consider the best bang for your buck available in any system on the planet and look at the eMac starting at under $800 “all in” including numerous applications and the infection and virus resistant Mac OS X operating system you will be off and running with digital music and editting digital photos & movies to your hearts content.

Powerbook 17"

For those of you ‘on the go’ check out the iBooks and Powerbooks and laugh as your friends and coworkers experience the frustration of constant crashes and restarts with their lame Intel based Windows laptops. While your ‘Unix’ based Mac Laptop just runs for weeks and months at a time with no need to restart. “It just works”

Of note is the recent evaluation of systems and support by Consumer Reports. In this thorough survey CU found Apple and their systems to stand above the others both in value and support.

“As for technical support, Apple had a score of 76 — the highest of any PC manufacturer. Consumer Reports subscribers who used Apple tech support gave a ‘better’ rating (the highest possible) in getting their problems solved, shortest time spent waiting on support phone calls, experienced and knowledgeable support staff, and best Web support.

No other PC company received a ‘better’ rating in any category. Dell was second, receiving a score of 57 and no better than an ‘average’ rating in any category.

Because of good reliability and tech support results, Apple portable and desktop PCs were recommended by CR as ‘best pick.’”

Please feel free to contact me for any assistance you may require.

Happy Holidays!


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