DVD Format Wars

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So the DVD format wars are now in full swing. Sony with their Blu-Ray format versus Toshiba with HD DVD. All in all just a ‘crapload’ of bad news for consumers. These formats are incompatible and as a result will slow adoption of high density DVD formats and equipment to play them. If you as a consumer want to ‘fence sit’ it will likely cost you dearly to buy equipment that actually will play either.

I for one, am aggrevated with the industry for letting these vendors get away with this to the detriment of consumers. HD DVD will be deliverable sooner so I hope that in the future it ultimately wins out. Sony as a vendor is innately opposed with open standards anyway. (i.e. Sony’s innane proprietary ‘memory stick’ technology)

I will probably sit this one out. I can’t stomach the whole idea of spending my money on the ‘Betamax’ of the new millenium.

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