Are you a Nut?

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The Internet is a great place to expose yourself to differing viewpoints. With the myriad of sites and blogs you can read about a given subject or event from any number of perspective points of view.

This abundance of opinions allows adults and those with good judgement to gain insight on even the most radical of perspectives and ideas. The not so good news is that it becomes incumbent on all of us who are parents to make sure we understand what our kids might be reading. The fact that some of the most bizarre theories and opinions come disguised as facts in nicely put together websites can create an environment where without life experience to lean on children could be influenced in directions neither desiable for themselves of the remainder of society.

I ran across a conspiracy theory site that would be laughable if it were not so likely that the ‘crap’ they present could influence a young adult’s view of the world.

This site offers ‘proof’ of theories that:

1) The Government has long covered up UFO and Aliens 2) The administration actually ordered the 9/11 attacks 3) The Intelligence Community has been using Mind control on the US Public 4) The media (all Media) is controlled by shadowy people across the globe.

All in all the theories and ‘proof’ offered up are moronic to everyone but the most gullible or disturbed adults. The concern I have is that children and young adults often agree with the X-Files Mantra. “I want to believe”

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