Is the Arab world asleep?

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This weekend more violence in Iraq. Thirty insurgents ambushed a car in Baghdad carrying five election officials and dragged them out to shot them in cold blood. The thing that baffles me is, ‘why is this acceptable to the rest of the arab world?’

Insurgents Kill Election Officials

Here are a bunch of cowards that attack unarmed civilians just because they are cooperating with the US to bring positive change to Iraq. They plant explosives by the roadside to try to kill and maim our brave soldiers and anyone associated with them.

Where were these scumbags when Saddam Hussain was killing thousands of Iraqi citizens? Were they showing up to fight back? No, they were off hiding somewhere hoping Saddam his regime would overlook them and kill other innocents perhaps women and children.

Frankly, the whole thing disgusts me. The fact this goes on with little or no negative feedback from the Arab community in the world is despicable.

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