Freedom of Speech

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In the process of ridding my inbox of it’s daily dose of spam, I ran across a message that struck me. It began with “People in the armed forces are lazy!”. This pissed me off and although everything I know and hate about spam influenced me me not to click on the link to the article, I just had to know what sort of an idiot would have such an opinion.

The link took me to a site of a troubled and frankly downright stupid individual that refers to himself (often in the third person) as Toobis. I was amazed that this guy clearly of limited intellect had created what appeared to be a number of the most controversial and ill formed opinions in the world.

Sad as it is ‘Toobis is a prime example of free speech at work’. He lives in Canada with his Mom according to him and apparently worked at Walmart prior to being canned for spouting such incredibly moronic crap. In many countries in the world today Toobis would be jailed or worse for being a verbose idiot. But fortunately for him he lives in a time and a place where the very people he denigrates in his post about military personnel have committed themselves to an ideal and they are willing to lay down their lives to defend his right to express himself freely (cretin or not).

When you are reading material on the Internet or elsewhere that offends you or your sensiblities always keep in mind that “the ability for individuals to communicate their (well or ill informed) opinions freely in our society is protected by individuals willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect those freedoms.

God Bless our Military Personnel and their sacrifices!

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