The fat lady has sung

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So the 2004 Presidential elections is a closed book. It has been over for 8 weeks now but I still see cars with Kerry and Bush bumper stickers on them. What motivates these people?

For the Kerry folks is it a hope that somehow the world will go to hell and others will not hold them responsible? Perhaps some just can’t peel the sticker off that 1983 Chrysler K car since it is just on top of a Gore 2000 Sticker and a stack of liberal candidates dating back to Mondale/Ferraro in 1984. Get a life (and a new car) lose that sticker and rejoin America!

For the stubborn Bush 2004 sticker it probably is some guy that wants his fellow commuters to know “he made the popular choice” I say, “Who the hell cares? The election is done and the right guy won. Why rub it in?” Let’s get rid these divisive stickers and again become one America!

What do you think? How long is too long? I shed my W-2004 sticker the second day after the election. It had served it’s purpose and why bait folks who were feeling bad about the shellacking that Kerry and Edwards took at the polls?

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