I was fired for blogging | Whine!

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A flight attendant for Delta Airlines (Ellen Simonetti) claims she lost her job in late October for Blogging. The story she puts forth in CNET makes it more likely she was just let go as a problem employee. In her blog she put up pictures of her and others in the Delta Airlines crew in their uniforms and posts she published were essentially stories about her work (not all good).

Her employer put her on notice in September that she was being suspended for this activity and her answer to this was a sex discrimation lawsuit. (Why is the sexual, race … discrimination always the weak person’s response for being told they have done something wrong in the workplace?) Then she states with mock surprise in the CNET article: ‘Then, on Oct. 29, 2004, three weeks after I filed that discrimination complaint, I received a call from my supervisor. He advised me over the phone that my employment with Delta Air Lines had been terminated due to “inappropriate pictures in uniform on the Web.”’

Frankly Ellen, Your blog was lame and not a responsible and professional representation of your employer. If you hadn’t listened to some greedy lawyer and not played the sex discrimination card you might still be employed. But from this point forward I believe you will find your fifteen minutes of fame cost you considerably more. Good luck in your future endevours but based on my review of your writing skill you should avoid journalism as your next career.

Wired News: Worming Into Apple

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So it has now become publically known that in the early nineties a couple of guys (Ron Avitzur and Greg Robbins) were working on a project at Apple Computer were laid off. Unlike most people who would have moved on, this pair continued to show up for work essentially sneaking into the Apple campus to complete the project. The software they developed was ‘graphing calculator’ and to date has shipped on over 20 Million new macs.

The story is strange and compelling. Why did they do work so hard on a project unsanctioned by Apple and unpaid? Find out in Ron’s own words as he has posted the story to his website.

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