Like Legos?

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So you have way too much time on your hands and you are addicted to Legos. I have an idea! How about building multiple desktop computer cases out of those colorful little blocks!

Sound like a waste of time? Well waste some of yours and check it out.

Mac Mini How Big?

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The Mac Mini is garnering significant interest and is looking to be a huge hit!

Mac Mini

Enter the Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field and watch the keynote at Mac World after you have watched the iLife App demos in the first 40 Min you will be headed to an Apple Store. (I guarantee it!)

Webcast is Quicktime or MPEG4

Prince Harry offends the world

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So the world is up in arms about Prince Harry attending a costume party wearing a Nazi uniform costume. His picture was taken at the party and showed up onthe front page of a UK rag. So far there have been calls from the former Director of the UK Defense Department for Harry to drop plans to attend one of the Military colleges and general shock and idignance.

Frankly, I find the whole thing overblown and misdirected. To believe that Harry went off on his own and did this is ridiculous. He probably had help creating the costume and dressing by handlers and handlers of handlers so didn’t anyone else think about the possible backlash?

Tasteless and stupid - yes

Indicative of his feeling towards Jews - Unlikely

What do you think?

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