Fat Kids Blame the Food

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So a three Judge panel revived the lawsuit against MacDonald’s by two fat kids in New York. The kids claim that McDonald’s made them obese through deceptive advertising. Perhaps Ronald McDonald also was there forcing them to down the burgers and fries day in and day out.

When will we as a society start taking these lawyers and plaintiffs to task for pushing these time consuming and expensive lawsuits with no merit. When will we come to the conclusion that many people’s problems are a result of their own actions.

As a society we should stand up and point out to the lawyers and plaintiffs like that no-one forced these kids to eat (and eat and eat) they did that themselves. I for one believe that the only case they should have is to sue their parents since they stood by watching these kids blow up like small versions of the Goodyear blimp and were funding their fast food habits.

Hey Kids: Drop the suit, stop eatting like pigs and get some exercise!

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