Democratic Congressman on Crack

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Congressman Maurice Hinchley (D-NY) claimed to have evidence of a Republican conspiracy to discredit Dan Rather of CBS news. Maurice said that the phoney documents Rather claimed proved George W did not fulfill his military service requirements were planted by Karl Rove.

After an audience member at the forum in NY asked again specifically if Congressman Hinchley had evidence he said in fact ‘he did not’. He then went on to add that making unsubstantiated claims like this was as he put it “his job” (and I thought the congress was convened to form and pass legistlation for the good of the public. I guess I missed that class in American politics) Perhaps the next claim Hinchley will make is that somehow Karl Rove went back in a time machine and introduced Kerry to Theresa Heinz so she could make an ass of him and herself in the 2004 election. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

I would be ashamed to be a voter if this clown came from my district. And the Democrats wonder why the public can so soundly reject them at the polls.


Pod Casting not just for geeks anymore

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Pod Casting is on the rise and will be a major source of information in the next 2-3 years. The idea that you can take audio content with you to listen to it when you have the time and inclination will take off and make this more than a fad.

Wired 13.03: Adam Curry Wants to Make You an iPod Radio Star


Massachusetts causes Brain Damage?

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It is becoming clear that to be a male in Massachusetts could cause brain damage. Now many would assume that I might say this because John Kerry and Ted Kennedy are both from Massachusetts and clearly neither is particularly clueful. But in fact this past week highlights why I would conclude that males on Massachusetts are at risk of mental retardation.

First the President of one of the most pompous and stuffy schools in the nation (Harvard) made some clearly derogatory comments about women. When trying to explain the reason more men than women have jobs in the engineering and science fields he said: “In the special case of science and engineering, there are issues of intrinsic aptitude, and particularly of the variability of aptitude, and that those considerations are reinforced by what are in fact lesser factors involving socialization and continuing discrimination”

So President Summers exactly what do you believe are the ‘intrinsic’ differences between and man and a woman? Are you trying to say that a woman’s sexual organs somehow make them stupid? That sounds like something Archie Bunker might have said.

Also this week we find another event at a supposedly prestigious Massachusetts educational institution. Milton Academy expelled five male students (16-18) for performing a sex act with a 15 year old girl. I would expect to see some heads rolling as it is insane that a boarding school costing an average of $32,000 per year would be so lax as to provide a means for this to occur. I would suggest that the parents of these boys see how quickly they can get their kids out of the country since if this involved my daughter I would be out at the nearest hunting store right now.

So based on the above (including John Kerry and Ted Kennedy), I have concluded that to be a male in Massachusetts is risky for your brain power. Oh and by the way, if you thought Milton Academy sounded familiar to you … Ted Kennedy went there when he was a boy and graduated in 1950 with a C average. No wonder Jack Kennedy once referred to Ted as “the gay illiterate”. It is important to note that after this dismal performance Ted was accepted at Harvard where he went on to get expelled. Perhaps President Summers would conclude that Ted is in fact a woman but I for one would suggest that both Summers and Ted Kennedy are just the victims of the Massachusetts male mental retardation.


Microsoft New Improved IE?

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Personally I think Microsoft is going to have a harder time convincing users that they really understand the requirement for better security. The perception is that the average user is switching from IE for security not some need for a feature like tabbed browsing. The incremental features come as a bonus for those users that want a more secure system and hence stop using IE.

Put a new front end and some spiffy features into IE and you still have the spyware superhighway.

Prepare for a lot more whining and lying about Open Source software from Redmond.

Microsoft outFirefoxed? | CNET News.com


Choicepoint Oops!

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You do not want to live in California and get a call or e-mail from Choicepoint today.

ChoicePoint is the victim of hackers who gained access to the systems they use to keep all the customer data on charge accounts, SSN, etc. on the public. They now need to notify all it’s California customers that their personal data may not be all that personal anymore.

Wired News: Big ID Theft in California


Novells Linux a great strategy

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Novell had foundered for years and I for one could think of no good reason for their continued existence. Their acqusitions of Silverstream and others was of little consequence.

By grabbing SUSE Linux it makes all the difference. Novell is once again and after a long absence relavant.

Novell’s Novell’s Linux Makeover (CNet)


But I am Jordi Damnit!

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So apparently LeVar Burton got pissed off when the Apple Store asked him for ID when he was making a large purchase on a credit card. Don’t you recognize me? I was Jordi Lavorge in Next Generation! Let me whip out my visor. Do you know me now?

This and other good and bad celebrity stories from the LA Apple stores


Blog at your own Risk

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Now the big complaint from lots of clueless bloggers is that people are denigrating their jobs, co-workers or supervisors on their blogs and getting disaplined or fired for it. The right to free speech basically ensures that you will not be put in jail for exercising free speech but it doesn’t ensure that your employer will continue to employ you if you bad mouth your workplace.

If you fail to understand the difference between your right to speak your mind and the employers right to expect you to favorably reflect on the company as an employee you could well join the ranks of ex-google, ex-delta, and ex-newspaper employees who have been terminated for their negative and inappropriate comments.

The lesson here is don’t expect the first amendment to protect you if you exercise poor judgement on topics for your blog. Vent about your job and employer to your spouse but not to the world wide web!


OMalley is a babbling Idiot

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Baltimore Mayor Martin O’Malley has demonstrated that he has lost his grip on reality. Likening President’s Bush’s proposed budget to the 9/11 attacks is nonsense and will prove to voters that he is just a flaming moron. How anyone could equate a terrorist act that cost the lives of thousands of innocent civilians to a budget that makes realistic choices and eliminates funding for a few ineffective programs is beyond comprehension!

Oh and by the way he is equally concerned that voters will believe he has been unfathful to his wife. What sort of drugs is Martin taking there on the Baltimore streets? Does he really believe that this sort of rhetoric will be beneficial to his image as he seeks to become the Democratic candidate for Maryland Governor?

Carly shown the door

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The HP board has finally seen (with the help of Fortune Magazine) that the HP Compaq merger was foolish and ego driven. The Board has pushed out Carly and the market has responded with HP stock up 10% at the open.

The merger of HP and Compaq was doomed from the start and has cost the HP stock holders dearly. The bitter proxy battle that ensued three years ago pitted Walter Hewlett (son of the HP founder - Bill Hewlett) against Carly Fiorina and some other short sighted members of the HP board.

For the most part the flawed argument about the merger that Carly was making is that if you take two failing PC vendors and combine them the result will be a competitive PC vendor. This has proven to be a losing strategy Fortune Magazine published a detailed article in the February issue that peels back the onion on HP financials and the merger to show without a doubt was a dismal failure and that as a result HP is flailing as a company.

I would hope that HP will consider spinning off the Printer and Imaging business and letting the enterprise systems, outsourcing and PC businesses succeed or fail on their own.


Apprentice to the criminal

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NBC has now announced that they will be creating a spin off of The Apprentice. So given Trump will still be chest thumping on the original apprentice show who could they possibly find that could be worse role model than The Donald with his multiple bankruptcy fillings? Well leave it to NBC, they have selected Martha Stewart (convicted felon) and she will be involved in the first run of this show while on house arrest for her evidence tampering.

Perhaps NBC and Trump will do a second spin-off with some other unsavory characters and proven liars like Bernie Ebbers, Michael Milken and Ken Lay.

More pictures making fun of Martha Stewart


P2P is a technology not a crime

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The Supreme Court will be hearing and ruling on a case about P2P technology. If the court makes a decision to ban P2P technology as the Movie and Music industry are requesting, it will have a negative impact on innovative technology in general. Mark Cuban has written a well formed article on the various arguments that is well worth a read.

iPod the player of choice at Microsoft

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Apparently the iPod is quite popular at Microsoft in Redmond. Some estimates have 80% of the employees at the company’s headquarters campus using iPods.

This causes considerable consternation to Microsoft management in particular the managers involved with media strategy and products.


Something Awful

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I just ran across this interesting site. It is totally strange including Photoshop created ads for stuff that Gary Larson would have concieved and some other interesting content created with Flash.

Apple named as top recognized brand

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In a survey of around 2,000 ad executives, brand managers by online magazine Brandchannel, Apple tops the lists as the most recognized and well known brand. Last year Google held the top spot. The big surprise to most will be Al-Jazeera’s move from obscurity as a brand to the fifth spot this year. The survey asks the execs to rate the impact of a particular brand on people’s lives.

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