Massachusetts causes Brain Damage?

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It is becoming clear that to be a male in Massachusetts could cause brain damage. Now many would assume that I might say this because John Kerry and Ted Kennedy are both from Massachusetts and clearly neither is particularly clueful. But in fact this past week highlights why I would conclude that males on Massachusetts are at risk of mental retardation.

First the President of one of the most pompous and stuffy schools in the nation (Harvard) made some clearly derogatory comments about women. When trying to explain the reason more men than women have jobs in the engineering and science fields he said: “In the special case of science and engineering, there are issues of intrinsic aptitude, and particularly of the variability of aptitude, and that those considerations are reinforced by what are in fact lesser factors involving socialization and continuing discrimination”

So President Summers exactly what do you believe are the ‘intrinsic’ differences between and man and a woman? Are you trying to say that a woman’s sexual organs somehow make them stupid? That sounds like something Archie Bunker might have said.

Also this week we find another event at a supposedly prestigious Massachusetts educational institution. Milton Academy expelled five male students (16-18) for performing a sex act with a 15 year old girl. I would expect to see some heads rolling as it is insane that a boarding school costing an average of $32,000 per year would be so lax as to provide a means for this to occur. I would suggest that the parents of these boys see how quickly they can get their kids out of the country since if this involved my daughter I would be out at the nearest hunting store right now.

So based on the above (including John Kerry and Ted Kennedy), I have concluded that to be a male in Massachusetts is risky for your brain power. Oh and by the way, if you thought Milton Academy sounded familiar to you … Ted Kennedy went there when he was a boy and graduated in 1950 with a C average. No wonder Jack Kennedy once referred to Ted as “the gay illiterate”. It is important to note that after this dismal performance Ted was accepted at Harvard where he went on to get expelled. Perhaps President Summers would conclude that Ted is in fact a woman but I for one would suggest that both Summers and Ted Kennedy are just the victims of the Massachusetts male mental retardation.

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