Democratic Congressman on Crack

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Congressman Maurice Hinchley (D-NY) claimed to have evidence of a Republican conspiracy to discredit Dan Rather of CBS news. Maurice said that the phoney documents Rather claimed proved George W did not fulfill his military service requirements were planted by Karl Rove.

After an audience member at the forum in NY asked again specifically if Congressman Hinchley had evidence he said in fact ‘he did not’. He then went on to add that making unsubstantiated claims like this was as he put it “his job” (and I thought the congress was convened to form and pass legistlation for the good of the public. I guess I missed that class in American politics) Perhaps the next claim Hinchley will make is that somehow Karl Rove went back in a time machine and introduced Kerry to Theresa Heinz so she could make an ass of him and herself in the 2004 election. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

I would be ashamed to be a voter if this clown came from my district. And the Democrats wonder why the public can so soundly reject them at the polls.

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