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There are a number of areas in the overall menk.com domain. I thought there might be some folks that were curious about the volume of traffic on menk.com overall. The statistics below represent what I would guess to be arond two thirds (2/3) of the total traffic on the site as it is exclusive of the portals, and the wiki.

The traffic statistics are for February 2005 start to finish. Serving up almost a Gigabyte (1GB)of the content and accruing almost Ten Thousand (10,000) visits is pretty impressive at least to me. I’ll keep blogging and posting if you keep visiting.

Monthly Statistics for February 2005
Total Hits 85133
Total Files 61510
Total Pages 21763
Total Visits 9903
Total KBytes 971512
Total Unique Sites 3590
Total Unique URLs 3592
Total Unique Referrers 1152
Total Unique User Agents 538
. Avg Max
Hits per Hour 126 3146
Hits per Day 3040 6064
Files per Day 2196 3720
Pages per Day 777 1067
Visits per Day 353 473
KBytes per Day 34697 72390

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