Torture is always bad?

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In recent media coverage we have been deluged with supposed dismay and surprise that the US (or any other country for that matter) has used less than pleasant methods to get information from suspected evil doers. This has put our Government on the defensive with regard to the policies in place to prevent this type of activity. I am frankly stunned that virtually everyone asked (on the record) essentially pretends to be shocked and unhappy that this persuasion has taken place. I personally believe that in the best interest of the country and the safety of it’s citizens ‘torture’ is ok.

For Example: if we had evidence to indicate that a terrorist cell was moving forward to detonate a nuclear or dirty bomb in the US, we would be insane to somehow restrict the tools and techniques we would use to get information from a known member of the cell prior to the detonation. I believe anyone that would argue against this is deluded.

I may be alone in my willingness to point out the obvious necessity for torture to the greater good but so be it.

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