Microsoft Donkey Heads

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donkey head image 

I am confused. Over time I have seen some totally lame ads. Particularly in the computer industry there is a tendency for a company to try to outpace the pack by creating ads that don’t even make sense.

Lotus in the mid-ninties touting Domino in the Desert was a prime example of that. What did it mean? Microsoft now has an ad that appears to equate the Microsoft Office user to a Donkey. Does Steve Ballmer think you or I am a Donkey because we are essentially forced for compatibility sake to run Microsoft Office? Does Bill Gates think of you or your co-worker as a Donkey Head?

To be fair the customers are not in fact truly Donkey’s. They do have human bodies and they dress well. But there is the Donkey heads. Why would I have a Donkey Head just because I am interested in the next version of monopoly-ware?

Well perhaps you have some thoughts? Please leave a comment and let me know if you have a Donkey Head.


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