The Da Vinci Code bunk says the pope

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  The Da Vinci Code has been a runaway best selling book and now the Church wants to ask you to take to the streets to refute the fiction! They have developed a pamphlet that points out errors in this thrilling work of fiction. Maybe they have to have something for the defrocked priests to do.

They ask:

"How many times have you heard the questions?"

What is the "code"? … Was Jesus married? … Who is Mary Magdalene? …Are there really messages in the paintings?

You’ve seen the media coverage and heard the buzz. (and if you are a bad person,) Maybe you’ve even read the book. Now you’re curious: what’s truth, and what’s fiction? What is the Catholic viewpoint? What does the pope have to say?

A Catholic Response: The Da Vinci Code has the answers. You’ll find the most troubling and controversial assertions refuted, succinctly and clearly, with Catholic truth, in this colorful pamphlet.

They suggest: "Use the hype surrounding this book to reach out.

Pamphlets are sold in packages of 50. Buy a bunch and annoy your friends!

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