Schiavo Case: More than meets the eye

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It seems to me that after some digging there is clearly more going on in the Terri Schiavo case than meets the eye. Essentially as far as I can tell there are numerous facts that are being ignored by the Right-Wingers so anxious to preserve the life of this women. From my perspective most of the folks involved or seeking to be involved are self serving and could actually care less about Terri as long as their objectives are obtained.

Since 1993 when Terri became brain dead from a heart attack brought on by Bulimia the opportunists in her family started to position. In fact it is a documented fact that the rift between her husband and her family was brought on when the family argued over the the proceeds from the medical malpractice settlement. A January 2000 article gives some background that in present day is missing from the debate.

All in all I believe that virtually everyone has their own agendas. The Politicians in Washington and Jeb Bush are using this case as some sort of platform to tout the high value they place on life. I would like to see their living wills as given their public positions on the subject anything less than a documented desire to be kept alive at all costs (even if they had the mental facilities of a ‘pet rock’) would be hypocrisy.

The family has long since lost sight of what is important with respect to Terri. Even asking for a part of the settlement awarded to Schiavo is ghoulish and discredits their opinions entirely. The Schindler’s have created a website which upon even casual review is a lame attempt at propaganda when compared to an even cursory examination of the actual facts. If it was my daughter I hope I never would use her as a pawn to get revenge after her useful life had passed. As hard as it would be I would hope that I could let go after 15 years.

Frankly the whole argument is tainted when you start to dig in and understand the facts and motivations of those involved. I for one believe the central lesson here is everyone should make sure they have a living will that documents their desires. If only to avoid being used like some sort of political football while your organic remains age and fester in a non-recoverable state of brain death.

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