Company backs off crazy bounty

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DVForge Logo

DVForge a company with a highly Mac centric business just cancelled a bounty they had established and advertised for anyone to infect two OS X based Macs with a self propagating virus. This $25K bounty was concieved by DVForge to quiet Symantec Corp. Symantec had predicted an large influx of Mac virus’s. Symantec is inclined to scare people since they make money selling virus protection. The bounty was even publically set up so that if an employee of Symantec wrote the virus they would be awarded $50K.

Now I personally believe DVForge should have spent about 5 minutes upfront thinking through the bounty plan and come to the conclusion that encouraging people to break the law was problematic. But they did trust their infrastructure as do I so no harm no foul. :-)

Symantec free and loving it.

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