Death Nell of the iPod? I think not.

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Nokia has announced a future cell phone (N-91) that they and others equally confused contend will be the end of the iPod. I predict however that in the end the only headache this phone delivers is to users that buy into this nonsense.

The ipod was by no means the first device to come along that could play music. In fact the number of devices that were marketed prior to the ipod was large and the same thing killed them all. They were hard to use. Nokia makes nice phones but who wants a device that is as hard to work with as a high end cell phone with a price point that will likely exceed $900 USD.

The combination of the best jukebox software (iTunes), the best online Music store (iTunes Music Store), the preferred license arrangement (you buy not rent your music) and the reknowned ease of use and quality of the iPod will prove to be insurmountable for this cell phone manufacturer. Nokia has been successful with their low end cell phones but trying to stuff everything into one package will prove as confusing as Japanese stereo instructions and result in more angry customers than a spyware infested Windows PC.

Besides at the end of the day Apple has already announced a cooperative agreement with Motorola to create an iPod thats a phone. The user interface from Apple combined with a phone from the communications leader is on the way and Nokia will be flattened in the music market space like a bug on the windshield.


Star Wars: A Newer Beginning

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In a recent discussion at a Star Wars fan convention, George Lucas announced upcoming additions to the Star Wars Franchise. He indicated that there would be Star Wars Universe based live action TV series set between The Revenge of the Sith and the original Episode IV.

yoda kills Jar-Jar

It’s exciting to think that the possibility of a decent space based TV exists in the nearterm. My only request is that the writers kill any thoughts about Jar-Jar Binks or the Ewoks before they take root as series regulars.

A terrific article in Wired magazine details George Lucas and what is likely to be his mission to create strange and imaginative (if not commerically popular) films in the future.


Microsoft Ad Campaign Made on Mac

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So the clowns at Microsoft have started an ad blitz denoted as “Start Something”. This high priced campaign apparently designed and timed to try to take attention away from Apple and it’s release of OS X (10.4) named ‘Tiger’. Redmond figured they have to advertise a 4 year old OS (Windows XP) since Longhorn (the code name for the next major Windows release) is still 2 years away. According to Microsoft “The campaign will be included in a media mix of national television, print, online and out-of-home advertising vehicles. A total of 51 television ads, 39 print ads and 250 online ads will be featured globally.”

Microsoft has been pushing the campaign to the press even issuing a press release that describes the campaign. As stated in the Press Release; “The Start Something campaign uses imaginative illustrations and animation to demonstrate how Windows opens a pathway to a kaleidoscope of activities that people are enthusiastic about pursuing. With language such as “Start something curious,” “Start discovering lost cities” and “Start feeding your brain,” the campaign depicts a window over people’s hearts to symbolize all of the things they are passionate about that is made possible with Windows .”

The press release even has a really cool picture associated with it.

However when that picture was downloaded and examined by a knowledgable user it became clear that it was created on a Mac.

How nice. I guess that Microsoft intended to let us know that we can ‘Start Something’ on a PC but to finish it use a Mac! Maybe they had to develop the Art associated with the campaign on a Mac since the Windows machines had to ‘Start running Spyware’.


USDA unveils a waste of money

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The USDA unveiled it latest attempt to somehow convey food recommendations on food consumption to US citizens. They call it the new pyramid but in fact it is nothing of the sort. The pyramid is nothing but a symbol. To actually get any information people must go online to the new USDA website myplate.gov and input their age, sex and a category that describes their activity levels. For that investment the site then spits out some lame guidelines about the amount of food of different types a person should consume.

new pyramid logo

Perhaps slightly more informational than the static pyramid but frankly a waste of time and taxpayer money. Aside from the fact that ignoring a persons starting weight (Are they currently of appropriate weight are morbidly obese?) makes the output worthless. How are the people in most need (poor, uneducated, fat people) going to gain access to this ‘wealth’ of knowledge. Oops no online access? No guidelines for you!

The most interesting comment I have heard about the new pyramid logo was a woman on NPR who disparaged the logo since it appears to indicate; “If you walk up the 6 steps on the side of the pyramid you can get right to the candy and doughnuts foodgroup at the top.”


Jane gets a facial

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Jane Fonda still is a figure of some contempt particularly by veterans of the Vietnam war. At a book signing for her autobiography in Kansas City, MO a vet waited in line for an hour and a half just to spit chewing tobacco in her face.

Two Twits at a Rally

My personal congratulations to Michael Smith for getting his 15 minutes of fame and making his opinion clearly known.

Jane gets a facial | Reuters.com


WSJ - Dump Windows, Get a Mac

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To quote Walter Mossberg a columnist for the Wall Street Journal - “THE WINDOWS COMPUTING PLATFORM is in a genuine crisis. Windows computers are being attacked, every day, by an international army of digital criminals who seek to spy on users, turn their own computers against them and deface, corrupt or destroy their data.”

He goes on to suggest that dumping Windows to get a better system and software (a mac) is in the best interest of most computer users.

Mossberg writes, “In my view, Macs have better hardware, a better operating system and better bundled software than Windows PCs. They are as good as, and often better than, Windows PCs at e-mail and Web surfing; at word processing and other productivity tasks; and at handling digital photos, videos and music. And most popular Windows file types open right up in Mac programs, without the need for any conversion or translation.”

The Mossberg Report — Personal Technology from The Wall Street Journal.


Whose Finger?

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On March 22nd a women with a history of trying to extort money from businesses found a one and one half inch fingertip in a bowl of Wendy’s Chili. The police in Las Vegas have been trying to determine where the finger might have come from even trying to match the finger with a woman in Las Vegas who lost a fingertip in February when she was attacked by a leopard.

Wendy’s for it’s part indicates with certainty that the finger was not introduced as a new promotion or chili ingredient. Keep on the look out for Wendy’s employee’s short one finger.

Finger, Finger, who lost a finger?

Finger Owner Found! 5/13/2005


In NZ old news is renewed

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Weeks after Symantec Software makes it self promoting and totally unfounded predictions on virus attacks on the Mac platform a website called Stuff in New Zealand picks it up as current news. This story from Symantec was challenged at the time as puffery and bullshit, to call Symantec’s bluff a company even offered to pay a $50,000 bounty to anyone who could actually infect a Mac running Mac OS X. All in all a widely recognized ploy by Symantec to convince someone running OS X that they have some relavent product.

Non-News is ‘non-news’ Old or Not!


Beware mail from Microsoft

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PC users should be aware that there is a new sophisticated trojan horse coming their way should they believe a mail message seemingly from Microsoft. The message appears to come from Microsoft indicating a new software patch has been released from which their PC will benefit. By following a link in the mail the users are directed to a site that appears to the Microsoft update site but deposits a trojan horse application on the computer. The software consumes up to 100% of the CPU resource of the machine and can do some serious damage.

This type of attack plays on the well founded fears of PC users that their systems will be compromised. I imagine that this type of exploit will be common since it appears to work so watch out for messages from Microsoft promising patches!

‘Windows Update’ hides nasty Trojan - silicon.com


Wardens wife commonlaw wife to killer

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According to reports an Oklahoma prison warden’s wife was held captive for 11 years. I personally find this incredibly hard to swallow. In 11 years she had not one chance to contact anyone to tell them of her status and whereabouts? This sets off my bullshit meter immediately.

Would you welcome your wife home after she was missing for 11 years with a convicted killer? “Hi honey they caught my boyfriend the felon so I’m coming home.” This guy is either dumb as dirt or incredibly naive.


Schindlers still arguing (Surprised?)

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So Teri has finally passed away. Her parents and brother still have things to argue with her husband about though.

Her family does not want Teri cremated and wishes her body buried in Florida. Imagine the media circus around that. The thought of all those politicians attending the services to grandstand makes me ill. Michael Schiavo had planned on post-autopsy cremation and taking his wifes ashes back to the land of her childhood in Pennsylvania. Will the Schindler family whining ever stop?


DeLay assumes the courts failed

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Now Tom DeLay wants a review of the “Failure of the courts to protect Teri Schiavo.” I for one want to see Tom DeLay get a slap just for suggesting that the courts were somehow obligated to rule against all legal precedence and in favor of Schiavo’s parents. Perhaps Tom just has forgotten that there are three branches of Government each designed to check and balance the others.

This type of overreaching actions by elected officials is uncalled for and inappropriate. I will do my part to see that the republican party suffers if they don’t get a handle on DeLay and all the other politicians pandering to the ‘anti-abortion lobby with this case.

DeLay should consider the fact that many republican voters believe in choice and also want to minimize the role of Government in affairs like end of our lives. If you truly want us to vote for the other party, keep up this nonsense. As a life long Republican this issue with respect to my chosen party really gets my goat.


Longhorn vs. Tiger

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An interesting discussion of how Apple and the impending release of the Major OS X Upgrade “Tiger” will benefit from the extensive Microsoft delays of “longhorn”. Apple has provided three significant upgrades to the OS X while Microsoft has delayed delivery of ‘longhorn’ for over 2 years! If that weren’t bad enough, all the rumours point to major features of ‘longhorn’ being jettisoned haphazardly along the way.

Microsoft Longhorn vs. Apple Tiger who will come out on top? | geekBlue.net


Moon Dust. Who Knew?

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Apparently Moon Dust is some pretty nasty stuff. As a young boy I distrinctly remember the astronauts jumping around on the Moon with the dust puffing up as they landed. What I was not aware of is just how troublesome the dust could be.

A recent article in Wired details the problems discovered during the moon visit and how this stuff could impact future missions. Also of note is that to study it’s effects and prepare for future missions NASA will require about 100 tons of simulated space dust for testing. Anyone feel like making some dust?

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