DeLay assumes the courts failed

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Now Tom DeLay wants a review of the “Failure of the courts to protect Teri Schiavo.” I for one want to see Tom DeLay get a slap just for suggesting that the courts were somehow obligated to rule against all legal precedence and in favor of Schiavo’s parents. Perhaps Tom just has forgotten that there are three branches of Government each designed to check and balance the others.

This type of overreaching actions by elected officials is uncalled for and inappropriate. I will do my part to see that the republican party suffers if they don’t get a handle on DeLay and all the other politicians pandering to the ‘anti-abortion lobby with this case.

DeLay should consider the fact that many republican voters believe in choice and also want to minimize the role of Government in affairs like end of our lives. If you truly want us to vote for the other party, keep up this nonsense. As a life long Republican this issue with respect to my chosen party really gets my goat.

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