WSJ - Dump Windows, Get a Mac

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To quote Walter Mossberg a columnist for the Wall Street Journal - “THE WINDOWS COMPUTING PLATFORM is in a genuine crisis. Windows computers are being attacked, every day, by an international army of digital criminals who seek to spy on users, turn their own computers against them and deface, corrupt or destroy their data.”

He goes on to suggest that dumping Windows to get a better system and software (a mac) is in the best interest of most computer users.

Mossberg writes, “In my view, Macs have better hardware, a better operating system and better bundled software than Windows PCs. They are as good as, and often better than, Windows PCs at e-mail and Web surfing; at word processing and other productivity tasks; and at handling digital photos, videos and music. And most popular Windows file types open right up in Mac programs, without the need for any conversion or translation.”

The Mossberg Report — Personal Technology from The Wall Street Journal.

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