USDA unveils a waste of money

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The USDA unveiled it latest attempt to somehow convey food recommendations on food consumption to US citizens. They call it the new pyramid but in fact it is nothing of the sort. The pyramid is nothing but a symbol. To actually get any information people must go online to the new USDA website myplate.gov and input their age, sex and a category that describes their activity levels. For that investment the site then spits out some lame guidelines about the amount of food of different types a person should consume.

new pyramid logo

Perhaps slightly more informational than the static pyramid but frankly a waste of time and taxpayer money. Aside from the fact that ignoring a persons starting weight (Are they currently of appropriate weight are morbidly obese?) makes the output worthless. How are the people in most need (poor, uneducated, fat people) going to gain access to this ‘wealth’ of knowledge. Oops no online access? No guidelines for you!

The most interesting comment I have heard about the new pyramid logo was a woman on NPR who disparaged the logo since it appears to indicate; “If you walk up the 6 steps on the side of the pyramid you can get right to the candy and doughnuts foodgroup at the top.”

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