Microsoft Ad Campaign Made on Mac

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So the clowns at Microsoft have started an ad blitz denoted as “Start Something”. This high priced campaign apparently designed and timed to try to take attention away from Apple and it’s release of OS X (10.4) named ‘Tiger’. Redmond figured they have to advertise a 4 year old OS (Windows XP) since Longhorn (the code name for the next major Windows release) is still 2 years away. According to Microsoft “The campaign will be included in a media mix of national television, print, online and out-of-home advertising vehicles. A total of 51 television ads, 39 print ads and 250 online ads will be featured globally.”

Microsoft has been pushing the campaign to the press even issuing a press release that describes the campaign. As stated in the Press Release; “The Start Something campaign uses imaginative illustrations and animation to demonstrate how Windows opens a pathway to a kaleidoscope of activities that people are enthusiastic about pursuing. With language such as “Start something curious,” “Start discovering lost cities” and “Start feeding your brain,” the campaign depicts a window over people’s hearts to symbolize all of the things they are passionate about that is made possible with Windows .”

The press release even has a really cool picture associated with it.

However when that picture was downloaded and examined by a knowledgable user it became clear that it was created on a Mac.

How nice. I guess that Microsoft intended to let us know that we can ‘Start Something’ on a PC but to finish it use a Mac! Maybe they had to develop the Art associated with the campaign on a Mac since the Windows machines had to ‘Start running Spyware’.

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