Death Nell of the iPod? I think not.

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Nokia has announced a future cell phone (N-91) that they and others equally confused contend will be the end of the iPod. I predict however that in the end the only headache this phone delivers is to users that buy into this nonsense.

The ipod was by no means the first device to come along that could play music. In fact the number of devices that were marketed prior to the ipod was large and the same thing killed them all. They were hard to use. Nokia makes nice phones but who wants a device that is as hard to work with as a high end cell phone with a price point that will likely exceed $900 USD.

The combination of the best jukebox software (iTunes), the best online Music store (iTunes Music Store), the preferred license arrangement (you buy not rent your music) and the reknowned ease of use and quality of the iPod will prove to be insurmountable for this cell phone manufacturer. Nokia has been successful with their low end cell phones but trying to stuff everything into one package will prove as confusing as Japanese stereo instructions and result in more angry customers than a spyware infested Windows PC.

Besides at the end of the day Apple has already announced a cooperative agreement with Motorola to create an iPod thats a phone. The user interface from Apple combined with a phone from the communications leader is on the way and Nokia will be flattened in the music market space like a bug on the windshield.

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