Lame internet client? Blame AOL.

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Having worked for Netscape Communications Corp. I am sensitive to the fact that as time marches on the ‘Netscape Communicator’ gets more bloated and buggy. Friends knowing my past experience call on me to answer questions and advise them on how and when to upgrade.

Netscape Logo

My response relative to the Netscape Internet Client surprises many of them: “Don’t use Netscape it’s crap!” AOL has taken the baseline of the open source project ‘Mozilla’ and dumped in a bunch of worthless and buggy AOL features and released this calling it Netscape (most recently 8.0).

I would advise anyone willing to listen that they should use either the cleaner ‘Mozilla’ integrated client or convert to ‘Firefox’ (browser) and ‘Thunderbird’ (mail client).

Netscape Communications is gone and all that remains is a brand that AOL appears to be working hard to equate with some of the poorest code available for download today.

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