Podcasting comes to iTunes

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Apple rolled out iTunes version 4.9 yesterday formally embracing and supporting ‘Podcasting’. Starting as a technology hacked together by Adam Curry, podcasting has assumed a life of it’s own. With Apple integrating podcast access and subscription into the most widely used digital audio jukebox (iTunes) podcasts as a media stands ready to explode on the scene in a big way.

Apple has provided an easy to use interface for consumers with iPods to load content they are specifically interested in right onto their iPod for later listening. This process can be automated to ensure that you always have the latest of your preferred podcasts right their on your iPod when ever you have spare time to listen.

My prediction is that over the next two years or so podcasting with have a significant impact on the radio industry and it will do for audio content what blogs have done for the written word.

Check out the new podcasting features of iTunes at a computer near you!

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