Business Weeks says get an iMac now!

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Business Week reviewed the newest iMac from Apple Computer and believes it is a terrific buy. Interestingly the reviewer (Cliff Edwards) is so taken with the new machine that he notes: “Simply put, the latest iMac and its accompanying software put fun back into computing. Everything from videoconferencing to downloading podcasts was so easy that it made me want to weep for joy. And the 2-inch-thick, all-white chassis and brushed aluminum stand looks more like a work of art than your typical PC.”

The New iMac: Why Wait Till Next Year?


Wired News: Podcasting Gold Rush Is On

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We have seen adoption of podcasting as a medium and content in the form of podcasts bloom over the past few months since Apple introduced podcast subscription and location capabilities into the iTunes jukebox.

I predict that the content available in podcast form with more than triple in the next 6 months and Podcasting will become a mainstream media by the end of 2006. Join me late next year and see if I’m correct.

Wired News: Podcasting Gold Rush Is On


Four Days prove Nagin an idiot

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Four days have passed since New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin argued with the Federal Authorities about his misguided plan to repopulate New Orleans. The passage of this short period has proved once and for all that Mayor Nagin is clueless. For days Nagin insisted that it was important to repopulate the city in spite of water shortages, lack of power and emergency medical support for returning residents. Against counsel from better informed Federal officials Nagin specifically invited residents to return. After a public debate where he is hammered with the fact there was yet another storm (Rita) that has been on the radar for days which might impact New Orleans, Nagin finally retracts his invitation to repopulate the city on the 19th.

Broken Levy flooding New Orleans

Now less than four days later the storm and rain surge from Hurricaine Rita has breached a major levy and is in the process of reflooding the ninth ward of New Orleans. This damage has essentially proven that Nagin’s plan to bring back the residents was misguided at best and more truely qualified as harebrained.


State of Denial - Google Book Scanning

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On Tuesday, the Authors Guild filed a lawsuit against search engine Google, alleging that its scanning and digitizing of library books constitutes a “massive” copyright infringement.

The Authors Guild are clearly in denial here. They need to recognize that the availability of these texts online in a searchable form makes them more valuable not less. In todays world we are blissfully unaware any of this content exists so we are unlikley to gain access to it at the library or by buying books. In the future the searchability will make many more people aware that works exist which would be valuable resources and in so doing creates a market for the works themselves.

Note: The Authors Guild is behaving similarly to the music industry before they realized that technology is not going away so they needed to embrace it. Now look at online the music marketplace.

Authors Guild sues Google over library project | CNET News.com


Gillette’s Five-Blade Wonder

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Is Gillette’s launch of a five (5) bladed razor a killer technology or just more of the same blade number one-ups-manship? it will be some time before I bother to try one (probably when it arrives free in the mail as a promotion).

What do you think? Gillette’s Five-Blade Wonder


Katrina the Blame game & the real disaster

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By now it is clear that the media is focusing on two flawed liberal themes with respect to the disaster in the Gulf Coast. 1) Allowing unlimited whine time for the democratic politicians to complain about the Federal response. 2) How awful it is that all the poor ar taking the brunt of the storms aftermath.

In an effort to deflect a real examination of what went wrong and why the local politicians and the national dems and liberals want George Bush and the federal Government to take the blame for what they see as a less than timely response. In New Orleans hundreds of school buses sit underwater while the New Orleans Mayor and Lousiana Governor shout about how the Federal Government should have responded to the needs of those trapped by the flooding more rapidly.

A detailed and well informed blog post by Bryan Preston points out the stupidity of the finger pointing by the democrats and how a large portion of the human tradgedy could have been avoided in the first place had local politicians and authorities simply done their jobs.


The position that somehow the poor are somehow being punished more by this disaster than they deserve is frankly misguided. I am certain that many poor individuals and families are suffering as a result of this event but in general you reap what you sow. The liberals have created the current situation and refuse to remove the self imposed blinders to see how. Over the years we have created welfare state where individuals were made to feel that they were not responsible for their circumstances nor needed to personally sacrifice and work to improve them.

I believe that a good accounting of where we stand today and how sad a state of affairs has been created by well intentioned but misguided liberal principles is titled:An Unnatural Disaster: A Hurricane Exposes the Man-Made Disaster of the Welfare State

Funding Katrina relief and reconstruction

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The solution is simple: repeal the Highway Bill and apply as much as needed of the approximately $290 billion saving to the Federal Government funded portion of relief and reconstruction. The US can easily survive an additional year without the projects included in the Highway boondoggle. A bonus of postponing Highway funding would be the opportunity to reconsider all that is included and possibly eliminate the most wasteful and worthless elements.

An ancillary benefit of postponing spending on the Highway boondoggle would be lessened competition for the reconstruction required Civil Engineering and construction resources.


Tails you lose and heads I win

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“Tails you loose and heads I win” is the game partisan Democrats and their mainstream press admirers are playing with the Administration. Two major issues demanded attention as result of Katrina’s visit to the USA: 1) energy and 2) rescue and relief. The Bush administration tackled both, initially giving energy the most visibility. “Tails you lose” as the critics fault the Bush team for not addressing rescue and relief more visibly earlier. “Heads I win” as there is little doubt that the critics would have faulted the Bush team had delayed it’s full court press on energy.

Credit is due the Administration for sound decision-making and wise leadership in giving actions taken to address the issue with national impact the earliest visibility. Shame to the critics for trying for political advantage when the President and his team are doing the right things in the right order.


Katrina aftermath

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Among the bad aftermaths of hurricane Katrina are reports and commentary dealing with the Gulf Coast and particularly those focusing on New Orleans. Correspondents and commentators take minutes to create pieces critical of relief efforts. Their product being words spoken or written involving little effort and no time to produce leads them to conclude that tangible physical results should be produced as easily and fast. The ignorance thus displayed is deplorable.

George R. Menkart


American Red Cross - Preparing for and Responding to Hurricane Katrina

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When you see the video and photographs from Louisiana and Mississippi it is hard not to be thankful it wasn’t here and wonder how you could help. Perhaps you are considering a donation to an organization that could translate that cash into aid. Stick with the larger organizations where you know that your donation can be put to work quickly and effectively.

My personal preference in this case is The American Red Cross.

American Red Cross - Preparing for and Responding to Hurricane Katrina

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