Katrina the Blame game & the real disaster

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By now it is clear that the media is focusing on two flawed liberal themes with respect to the disaster in the Gulf Coast. 1) Allowing unlimited whine time for the democratic politicians to complain about the Federal response. 2) How awful it is that all the poor ar taking the brunt of the storms aftermath.

In an effort to deflect a real examination of what went wrong and why the local politicians and the national dems and liberals want George Bush and the federal Government to take the blame for what they see as a less than timely response. In New Orleans hundreds of school buses sit underwater while the New Orleans Mayor and Lousiana Governor shout about how the Federal Government should have responded to the needs of those trapped by the flooding more rapidly.

A detailed and well informed blog post by Bryan Preston points out the stupidity of the finger pointing by the democrats and how a large portion of the human tradgedy could have been avoided in the first place had local politicians and authorities simply done their jobs.


The position that somehow the poor are somehow being punished more by this disaster than they deserve is frankly misguided. I am certain that many poor individuals and families are suffering as a result of this event but in general you reap what you sow. The liberals have created the current situation and refuse to remove the self imposed blinders to see how. Over the years we have created welfare state where individuals were made to feel that they were not responsible for their circumstances nor needed to personally sacrifice and work to improve them.

I believe that a good accounting of where we stand today and how sad a state of affairs has been created by well intentioned but misguided liberal principles is titled:An Unnatural Disaster: A Hurricane Exposes the Man-Made Disaster of the Welfare State

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