Four Days prove Nagin an idiot

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Four days have passed since New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin argued with the Federal Authorities about his misguided plan to repopulate New Orleans. The passage of this short period has proved once and for all that Mayor Nagin is clueless. For days Nagin insisted that it was important to repopulate the city in spite of water shortages, lack of power and emergency medical support for returning residents. Against counsel from better informed Federal officials Nagin specifically invited residents to return. After a public debate where he is hammered with the fact there was yet another storm (Rita) that has been on the radar for days which might impact New Orleans, Nagin finally retracts his invitation to repopulate the city on the 19th.

Broken Levy flooding New Orleans

Now less than four days later the storm and rain surge from Hurricaine Rita has breached a major levy and is in the process of reflooding the ninth ward of New Orleans. This damage has essentially proven that Nagin’s plan to bring back the residents was misguided at best and more truely qualified as harebrained.

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