Ajax is it a way to clean M$ off your machine?

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A new breed of technology is finding it’s way to web page near you. Ajax as it is called is an approach to allow web pages to function more like applications than just a static web page. Many developers are strating to use Ajax to create applications and interfaces which downstream may remove the need for bloated binaries on desktops and laptops for simple applications.

A great example of how functional these types applications can become is Zimbra™ Collaboration Suite Open Source Project Beta Launch the Zimbra is an open source server and client technology for next-generation enterprise messaging and collaboration.You can see a ‘flash’ demo of Zimbra

An interesting article on Ajax by ZDnet is at Wired News: Web Software Challenges Microsoft


Movie Studios need to get on board

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It’s as if they think somehow that their form of entertainment was created and consumed in a vacumn. As if the losing battle the RIAA and Music industry fought with technology was not there as a clear example. Does the movie industry honestly believe it can ignore the use cases it’s customers desire for it’s products?

The release of the video iPod by Apple is a wake-up call to the movie industry let’s hope they don’t hit the snooze button and miss the party.

Movie Moguls Need to Face the Music


Apple Introduces Video, TV Playing IPod

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This is one step in the direction of a fused device for audio and video. The content play with available ABC television shows and music videos is excellent.

Apple Introduces Video, TV Playing IPod


Apple speculation and rumours

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With the mystery announcement scheduled from Apple next week, speculation is rampant about what this could mean. A video iPod, new Mac line up ,or something totally new … .

What’s Behind Apple’s Curtain?


Zander on Apple Mobile Phone

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Former Sun Microsystems executive and current Motorola CEO ED Zanders is not thrilled that the iPod Nano outshined the Rokr music phone made by Motorola at the dual product announcement.

After reportedly disparaging the iPod Nano last week by saying “Screw the Nano. What the hell does the Nano do? Who listens to 1,000 songs?” He was forced to backpeddle and note that his comments about the Nano were “taken completely out of context. We have a great relationship with Apple. I’ve known Steve Jobs for 15 years. Sure, there is some tension there. We have the Rokr, and they have the Nano. They are a competitor as well as a partner.”

Zander did reveal however what may be the source of his frustration with Apple in that they will be a force to be dealth with in the mobile phone market saying: “And we know that they are going to build a smartphone — it’s only a matter of time.”

Ed has to know that when Apple and Steve Jobs enter a market they are well prepared and have a great product. I would be worried too Ed.

Motorola: Apple-made phone ‘inevitable’ - ZDNet UK News

Who knows maybe your next phone will look like this? Possible Apple PDA

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