Ten Reasons to Wait for PS3

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With the gift giving holidays looming you may not be able to wait to upgrade you gaming system. Buying a crashfest like the X-Box 360 may be in the cards for you but if you wait for the Playstation3 there are some compelling advantages.

IGN.com established their 10 reasons to wait for the Playstation3 and it is well worth the read. Remember once you start spending the lions share ofthe cash on your system (the games) you are locked and no-one is more accutely aware of this than your friends at Microsoft.

IGN: Patience 360: Ten Reasons to Wait for PS3


Kansas still braindead while Pennsylvania gets a clue

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In the battle over the proper education of our children with respect to evolution this week two events of note.

The Kansas ‘board of ignorance’ voted Tuesday that students will be expected to study doubts about evolution, a move that defied reason and the nation’s scientific establishment. In a clearly contradictory statement:”This is a great day for Kansas,” board president Steve Abrams said. “This absolutely raises science standards.” Abrams in this case has clearly demonstrated his lack of ability for cogent thought.

Kansas’ criteria challenge evolution | IndyStar.com

Darwin Ape

Meanwhile voters in Dover, Pa., delivered their judgment this week by voting out eight of nine school board members who decided that ninth-grade science students must be told the concept is an alternative to evolution. Perhaps Kansas residents should take a lesson from this and tell Abrams and his moronic cohorts to take the snake oil they are selling and leave the state for good.


iPod users Going Mac

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With sales of Macintosh computers up 48% year over year for the last quarter, it is clear that the ‘halo effect’ of the popular iPods is driving Mac sales. Over 1 Million Windows PC users bought Macs so far in 2005 and the holiday season is still ahead. This demand is outstripping the analyst’s predicitions.

Needham & Co. analyst Charles Wolf observes that cumulative iPod sales have reached 28 million since 2001 and that the momentum of the iPod, along with the security problems inherent in the Windows platform, has created a halo effect that benefits the Mac platform. “Windows users are buying Macs in increasing numbers,” he wrote. “We estimate in the first three quarters of calendar 2005, over one million of them have purchased a Mac compared to our estimate of 500,000 for the entire calendar year.”

InformationWeek > Apple Computer > Financial Analyst Sees Windows Users Going Mac > November 8, 2005


Sony CDs install Hacker Rootkit

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Apparently Sony believes that it’s DRM should run your computer not the user. The Sony DRM technology is installing a hacker rootkit that conceals the files of it’s DRM solution from the user. Numerous security experts observe this use of a rootkit on users machines as problematic, “Once the rootkit is there, there’s no direct way to uninstall it,” said Mikko Hypp√∂nen, the chief research officer at Helsinki based , F-Secure. In fact he goes on to say, “”The system is implemented in a way that makes it possible for viruses (or any other malicious program) to use the rootkit to hide themselves. too. This may lead to a situation where the virus remains undetected even if the user has got updated antivirus software installed.”

In this instance Sony is putting their interest ahead of the user’s even though the damage to the user and their machine due to their installation of the rootkit could be considerable.

InformationWeek> Sony CD Copy Protection Seems To Rely On Hacker Rootkit

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