Kansas still braindead while Pennsylvania gets a clue

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In the battle over the proper education of our children with respect to evolution this week two events of note.

The Kansas ‘board of ignorance’ voted Tuesday that students will be expected to study doubts about evolution, a move that defied reason and the nation’s scientific establishment. In a clearly contradictory statement:”This is a great day for Kansas,” board president Steve Abrams said. “This absolutely raises science standards.” Abrams in this case has clearly demonstrated his lack of ability for cogent thought.

Kansas’ criteria challenge evolution | IndyStar.com

Darwin Ape

Meanwhile voters in Dover, Pa., delivered their judgment this week by voting out eight of nine school board members who decided that ninth-grade science students must be told the concept is an alternative to evolution. Perhaps Kansas residents should take a lesson from this and tell Abrams and his moronic cohorts to take the snake oil they are selling and leave the state for good.

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