For once I agree with Bill Gates

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All the press lately is abuzz with the looming threat to Microsoft from Google. What threat? Is the technology news so slow these days, that the media must make this stuff up just to generate page views?

Google is now obviously a major player in the Internet with new, interesting and useful applications rolling out on a regular basis. Does this make them some major foil for Gates and company? Users of google still need a platform (over 90% of which are Windows) to access Google and it’s services. Some applications might be useful while connected (Maps, Search and E-mail) but for the forseeable future certain applications need to be available while disconnected (Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Presentations, Project Management, etc.) to be useful at all. These are M$ bread and butter.

These days Google and Microsoft are quite complimentary in most respects and I for one do not understand the media’s overwhelming need to create a tempest in a teapot about this ‘rivalry’.

Wired News: Gates Opens CES With Scorn

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