Pat Robertson claims god punished Sharon

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Christian Coalition founder Pat Robertson says that God caused Ariel Sharon’s stroke to punish him for “dividing God’s land.” In a moronic series of remarks Robertson suggested that; “God says, This land belongs to me and you’d better leave it alone.” Is Robertson suggesting that the omnipotent being that created the earth from nothing, actually cares about human imposed boundaries on the planet?

If God wanted the borders of Israel left as they were before Gaza and parts of the west bank were turned over to the Palestinians then why did the Lord wait until after to “Smoat” Sharon? Wouldn’t a bolt of lightning from the heavens in advance of the turnover have delivered a more clear and undeniable message?

The fact that Robertson is still fogging a mirror after repeated remarks clearly demonstrating his limited mental capacity is a testiment to the fact that the Lord has better things to do than deliver object lessons. In my opinion an omnipotent power would in all likelihood, prefer to see peace in the middle east than as Robertson suggested in August of last year the US should assassinate Venezuela’s president, Hugo Chavez.

CNN.com - Robertson suggests God smote Sharon - Jan 5, 2006

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