The Real Steve Jobs

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There has been a lot of speculation on Steve Jobs over the years. Recently this has ramped up with Disney’s acquisition of Pixar. Based on the fact that the Pixar buy makes Steve the largest single stockholder of Disney more than one self proclaimed pundit has spectulated the Jobs will end up hammering the Disney executives.

Recently BusinessWeek’s Peter Burrows did an extensive Q&A with Edgar S. Woolard Jr. The former chief executive and chairman of chemical giant DuPont (DD) was also on Apple’s board and convinced Steve Jobs to return to Apple as CEO. This interview sheds a great amount of light upon Jobs approach and personality. A good friend of mine named Mitch Green also worked closely with Jobs at NeXT Computer (1989-1993). He concurs entirely with Woolard’s assessment of Steve making this a must read in my opinion.

An Insider’s Take on Steve Jobs

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