Software to track pursuit of women

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Technology it is said “will change everything”. There was one area, where in my way of thinking, technology wouldn’t have direct impact - sex. Now I stand corrected. As a happily married man (and one who believes infidelity is totally inappropriate) I have not been involved in the dating scene in over a decade. ‘In the day’, I was as active as anyone in the pursuit of the fairer sex. My friends and I were active in the DC bar scene and went to Dewey Beach, DE virtually every summer weekend.

Until today I was unaware that technology was now available to increase the likelihood of sucessful dating ventures. Enter ‘Girlfriend X’. Apparently ‘Girlfriend X’ is an application and database designed to sort out and rate the women you are chasing and allow you to keep your life in some sort of order (at least in appearances). Sounds interesting for those males still looking for ‘Miss Right’; but I am happy to say that I am not going to be using this or any similar software to organize my life.

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