iPort makes your iPod more useful

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iport image

I recently had the opportunity to test a new product for the iPod. The iPort FS is a free standing iPod dock product that connects to the home entertainment system. This allows you to play any playlist (or shuffle the library) to your stereo. A remote control combines with the dock to allow you control of the Volume, Song, etc. from across the room.

The iPort is reasonably priced and allows you to listen to the variety of music on your ipod on your home stereo. If you have even a reasonably priced home stereo this allows for significantly better sound quality than any of the alternative iPod docks with speakers tacked on. The fact this device is a clean design with a capable remote control, charges your iPod while it is docked and can even connect to your home computer to enable music syncing makes this a good buy for anyone with an iPod.

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