Plumbers lobby against No-Flush Urinals

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The plumber’s union in California is up in arms. They are touting the dangers of No-Flush urinals as consideration of a possible change in the California plumbing code is contemplated which would support widespread use of these devices. In areas where water is scarce these devices can save over 40,000 gallons of water a piece per year.

Why would the plumber’s union be so concerned about these devices? Perhaps the lack of moving parts and ease of installation both concern “the butt crack army”. They are paid per hour to fix and install fixtures such as these so they would view this as a potential negative impact on revenue.

In any case I suspect that over the long haul the No-Flush urinals will prevail as it just makes good sense versus the waste of water brought on by using a gallon of water per flush in high volume locations.

NPR : California Plumbers Stall Plans for No-Flush Urinals

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