Apple at 30: Computerworld Historical Summary

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Computerworld Magazine has created a three part Article on the 30 year history of Apple Computer. While the piece is somewhat light it provides a decent highlevel overview of the past thirty years from those who are gaining interest in what came before at Apple Computer.

Apple at 30, Part 1: From the Apple I to Jobs ouster - Computerworld

Apple at 30: Part 2 — The Newton, Clone Wars and Jobs returns - Computerworld

Apple at 30: Part 3 — Mac OS X arrives, and so does Intel


Paul Thurrott: Where Vista Fails

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A Windows Pundit Paul Thurrott has basically lambasted Gate’s and Company for the poor implementation of Windows Vista. He accuses Microsoft of broken promises and cast off features in the lame release, spewing bile at Gates for the “abysmal handling” of the project.

As he says: “From a technical standpoint, the version of Windows Vista we will receive is a sad shell of its former self, a shadow.”

“Shame on you, Microsoft. Shame on you, but not just for not doing better,” he writes. “We expect you to copy Apple, just as Apple (and Linux) in its turn copies you. But we do not and should not expect to be promised the world, only to be given a warmed over copy of Mac OS X Tiger in return. Windows Vista is a disappointment. There is no way to sugarcoat that very real truth.”

Frankly, Paul would probably be kissing Gate’s butt if he thought that Vista was half as good as OS X Tiger however that’s a whole different conversation. It is funny as hell though when Paul describes the nightmare of dialog boxes that face a user performing a simple task in Vista all in the name of security. It kind of reminds me of the user experience associated with a house that is left wide open (no lock on the doors or windows) where securing ones valuables involves padlocking every drawer, closet and cabinet. Now that is an approach only Microsoft could implement without realizing it was dead on arrival.

Paul Thurrott: Where Vista Fails


McAfee exec unable to do simple math

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In an effort to sell more software, Allan Bell would suggest that every Mac user should use virus scanning to protect the vulnerable Windows systems. Allan are you kidding? If the Windows machines are already using virus scanning how is the addition of scanning on invulnerable Macs going to help anything but your bottom line?

To demonstrate his poor grasp of mathmatics, Mr. Bell goes on to say, “There is a danger that organisations which are 100 per cent Macintosh and they are using Windows but are not frequent users of Windows, then they may not be aware of the security issues and could leave themselves open”. So the 100 percent Mac shops which also have some small percentage of Windows should be concerned. Hey wit a minute that’s greater than 100 percent. Ok so if you have a community of systems that is greater than 100 percent of your systems you should listen to Allan’s plee for more of your IT dollars.

iTWire - Apple Mac still potential Typhoid Mary warns McAfee exec


Why OS X is superior

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I have been a Mac user since the beginning of the graphic user interface. Back in the days when M$ Windows was a hideous ugly and non-functional mess it was clear why the Mac was better. Now with Microsoft making ‘Windows’ more visually appealing it is less obvious why Macs just work better. To most tech savvy users it is clear that Microsoft has done a nice job of dressing the Windows OS up but when it comes to making M$ Windows work for you recognize that putting lipstick on a pig does not a Prom Date make.

Yesterdays Washington Post has a concise article on Mac OS X and how it simplifies the user’s job of getting things done while being stable and secure. I suggest that users of Windows read the article so you know what you are missing and Mac users read it so you know how much you have to be thankful for.

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