Leak of Terror Finance Story Self-Centered

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The disclosure of the Treasury program to monitor financial transactions of known and suspected terrorists is just sad. By publically disclosing this program in stories last week, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times have done harm to our country and our security.

Journalists are proving once and for all they are more concerned with the sales of their newpapers than in the safety and well being of the US population.

Bush Slams Leak of Terror Finance Story


Sears Tower Terrorists should die

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Seven men were arrested last night after hatching a plot to destroy buildings and kill people in the United States. Five of these losers were actually US citizens. This whole situation is truly aggrevating. It is hard for me to imagine what would drive someone to become a terrorist in any circumstances and plot to kill innocent people but the fact American citizens were involved is totally beyond belief.

I would support the most severe punishment for these people including torture and death. There is no excuse for seeking to kill innocent people and destroy property for retribution for some imagined crimes of the US.

7 Indicted in Sears Tower Plot


Next product from Apple? iPad

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A friend forwarded me this link for a video spoof of an Apple product complete with dancing silhouettes. The video (extracted from MadTV) is pretty humorous. The new product the Apple iPad an unlikely but apparently full featured female sanitation technology. :-)



Microsoft charges to fix problems they create

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In an effort to cash in on the PC security market Microsoft has announced a chargable service called OneCare. What makes this insane is that the market for security products was created as a result of the poor code that makes up the Windows OS in the first place.

It remains to be seen the level of adoption of Microsoft’s service but imagine how stupid you would have to be to pay extra to a car maker to deliver enhancements to your car to overcome inherent problems with the vehicle that cause it to inexplicably veer off the road and hit a tree.

Good luck all you PC users!

Microsoft Sweeps Into Security

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