iHome IH36W Clock Radio

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My Dad just bought an iHome IH36W Clock Radio. He now has access to all his music from a clock radio device in his kitchen. Combining his excitement about this new ‘toy’ with his clear talent for creating and packaging video he made a quick video to demonstrate the use of this device.

The video is a 4MB quicktime file.


Mel to perform public service

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So Mel Gibson has been to court and received his sentence. Basically he got off with a $1500 dollar fine and agreed to do some public service announcements about the dangers of drinking and driving. In my opinion this is nonsensical since how much credibility does he have? Here’s a guy who hates cops and is a bigot and he is now supposed to serve as a role model. Perhaps his additional task of attending AA meetings will be of more value. I would like to be there with a video camera when he stands up and says; “I’m Mel Gibson and I am a nasty drunk! - hic”

All in all it would have been more informative for future drunks to see that even Mel did some time when he acted like a moron. So much for our court system and justice for all.


Binary Explosives Fact or Fiction

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Nearly everyone on the planet has know been made aware of the enormous threat posed to the flying public by harmless household liquids combined to become deadly explosive cocktails. The Register (an online publication) took an opportunity to research the subject and has concluded that all the furor is nonsense. They detail the ingredients and procedures necessary to actually produce the explosive end product. The Register concluded that it would be easier to bring on board the end product TATP (interestingly not a liquid at all but a non-descript white powder) than try to mix a batch while in the air.

They also conclude as do I that the current tempest in a teapot about necessary changes to the security procedures at airports is pointless and misdirected.

Read the article at the Register

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