Melting Bones thwart Facelifts

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For years the public has commented on the bizarre looks of those older women who after a face lift look frightening. Why the appearance of these youth seeking oldsters is so strange was not truly understood.

Old Bag

Example of Bad Face Lift

Now a couple of plastic surgeons Dr. David Kahn at Stanford and Dr. Robert Shaw (former Stanford medical student, now a resident at the University of Rochester Medical Center) have published two studies showing that as age and wrinkle your facial bones are are shrinking and changing shape as well. These bones effectively melting and disintegrating over time mean you really can never look the same as you did in your youth.

Apparently, this affects women earlier than men and in concert with the propensity for women to turn to plastic surgery to regain their appearance is a disaster waiting to happen. It clearly explains why women with faces stretched so tight you could bounce a quarter on their cheeks still don’t look young.


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