Apple iPhone: Design by Buddha

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iPhone Design Speculation

For some time there has been considerable speculation on the approach that Apple will take when it produces the rumoured Apple Mobile Phone. With the announcement of such a device speculated to be at Macworld in January of 2007. John Martello writing for the Mac Observer has noted that the philosophical influences of Steve Jobs could result in a surprising approach that may create yet another breakout product for Apple.

“For several years now, we’ve all been swooning over the possibility of an Apple product we all believe will be called the “iPhone.” Why is this? I believe it’s because, deep down, we suspect, based on Apple’s track record, that the Apple iPhone will be a very desirable product. It will blow away the competition. I will make us look cool just using it. It will be a work of design art. And we’ll want one.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why we just know we’ll drop our Moto RAZRs and LG Chocolates for an iPhone.”

Hidden Dimensions - Apple iPhone: Design by Buddha, Inc. || The Mac Observer

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