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Well the breathless waiting is over and it’s official: “Installing the Zune Sucked” Engadget an unbiased device and vendor independent site dealing with reviews and evaluation of all manner of high tech gizmos documents the torture that is the typical install of the Zune software.

Zune Install fails

According to concensus this girl in the Zune Install Failure screen is distraught because she received the Zune as a gift from her boyfriend instead of the iPod she requested. My bet is this guy will be tossed to the curb like roadkill as a result.

The part I frankly find laughable is the way they included (as background to the installer) pictures of weird/dorky people so enamored with the device and “The Social” as they call it they can barely keep their pants on. One comment on the site by a user tells it all

” ‘Welcome to the social.

Aside from making me throw up a little in my mouth, this catchphrase brings to mind little old ladies playing bingo. Whoever thought of this should be forced to hang around with the dorks pictured in the install program.”

Ballmer - Lick me!

I can only imagine Steve Ballmer sitting in some conference room somewhere (with sweat beads running down the buttcrack of his fat ass) believing that Microsoft can somehow manufacture “Cool”. The very fact they tried so hard to give this impression makes it patently uncool.

Installing the Zune… sucked - Engadget

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