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So the fact that iPods are hot this season is no surprise. Even Steve Ballmer admits he had to beat his kids within an inch of their lives to prevent them from buying one.

The fact that iPod models hold the top four spots on Amazon for the best selling electronics items is amazing! At this point (10:30pm EST December 21) iPods hold the following spots in the Top 100 Electronic items at Amazon.com

1) 1GB iPod Shuffle

2) 30GB Video iPod (Black)

3) 2Gb iPod Nano (Silver)

4) 80GB Video iPod (Black)

10) 4GB iPod Nano (Pink)

15) 4GB iPod Nano (Silver)

16) 8GB iPod Nano (Black)

19) 30GB video iPod (White)

43) 4GB iPod Nano (Blue)

47) 4GB iPod Nano (Green)

48) Nike - iPod Sport Kit

51) 4Gb iPod Nano (White)

80) 80GB Video iPod (White)

This is unprecedented and particularly notable given that each reported iPod is fragmented by capacity and color. There are clearly other things that folks want in their stockings this season for instance the #5 item is Phillips digital picture frame closely followed by a Canon digital camera in the 6th spot. However, this season it appears that happiness is an iPod!

BTW: Wondering where the Zune is on the top 100? (It didn’t even place)

Amazon.com Bestsellers


Jim Allchin wanted a Mac

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An e-mail in which Jim Allchin (Windows Development Chief) suggests he feels that Windows is so flawed he would prefer a Macintosh has been entered into evidence in the ongoing Iowa Microsoft Antitrust trial. The e-mail whose subject was “Losing our Way” was sent to Steve Ballmer (CEO) and Bill Gates (Co-founder and Chairman) in January of 2004. In the e-mail, Allchin points out that Microsoft has no concern for the value they deliver to the customer and that the Vista OS product in development is fundamentally flawed. He notably also points out that Microsoft products are so bad he would buy a Mac if he didn’t work at Microsoft.

Mr. Allchin says, “I’m not sure how the company lost sight of what matters to our customers, both business and home, the most, but in my view we lost our way. I think our teams lost sight of what bug-free means, what resilience means, what full scenarios mean, what security means, what performance means, how important current applications are, and really understanding what the most important problems our customers face are. I see lots of random features and some great vision, but that does not translate into great products. He goes on to say, I would buy a Mac today if I was not working at Microsoft.”

Microsoft’s Allchin: I would buy a Mac if I was not being paid by Microsoft!


Why Apple Will Change TV

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Jobs Announcing iTV

In Fall of this year, Steve Jobs (Apple CEO) preannounced a product that is code named iTV. Since that point alot has been said about how this device will function and whether it will have the same impact as the iPod in redefining the market. I believe that this product forms the baseline for a real value oriented approach to fundamentally changing the way people watch TV and gain value from the video medium.

MS which has been flailing at the living room by trying to convince users that what they need is some warmed over PC next to their televisio. Apple’s approach true to form is to understand where they can enhance and and add value to the TV experience and design from the ground up a device and interface to deliver on that promise.

Roughly Drafted Magazine has a very well thought our series of articles that provides some real insight into what to expect and how it will change your life forever.

Why Apple Will Change TV


Apple Macbook Pro $500 cheaper than Dell

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As a longtime Mac user I have heard time and time again that systems running Windows are far less expensive than Apple products. In every case the folks I was talking to, admitted that Windows as an OS was clearly buggy, crash prone and a security nightmare but cited the price difference to justify their inferior platform choice.

Now a head to head price comparison on reasonably high end notebooks demonstrates that if you want to buy a laptop Macbook Pro is a better and less expensive choice. So given the admitted Windows security problems, the fact that Macs can run Windows based applications (making them more secure in the process) and the more stable and reliable OS that is Mac OS X the choice is obvious. Save Money, Get a better piece of hardware and have machine that resists the plague of malware and spyware - Get a Mac!

Apple vs. Dell price war | Ed Burnette| ZDNet.com

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